About us

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About us

We are nationalists and communists in a historic battle against the Spanish and French states, who deny our right to exist and decide as a people, in combat with our national bourgeoisie, which claims to defend Euskal Herria, while worrying only occupy and enlarge the plot power which maintains, at the expense deprive more and more rights to the Working people Vasco, we are struggling with organizations of statist left, which under the manipulation of the concept of internationalism intended to waive our rights as a people, to form our own state, forgetting that "the people that oppresses another people can not be free"
We are communists abertzales, because it is the only ideology capable of freeing our nation from national and social oppression of, able to cope imperialism and capitalism wherever this appears, the only ideology that since birth has faced Basque bourgeoisie, no less bourgeoisie, no less oppressive than the state, we are faced with those leftist parties, who have abandoned their principles of class by the way, forgetting what Marx said, "it is not to reform private property but abolish it, it is not to alleviate class antagonisms but to abolish classes, is not to improve the existing society but to establish a new "
Our organization since its inception maintains that all forms of political, institutional intervention, mass, political, trade union and armed, have been part of all processes of national liberation and / or social.
Noted that the intervention in the fifth front, armed, takes shape and body when the rights refuse to intervene in any of the other top four, as the denial of rights and injustice is the first violence of power, where injustice it becomes commonplace, appearing violence ends.

Up the Basque Country free!

Up the Trade work!

Up the Komunism!